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I'm proud to introduce this revolutionary top quality mat from Korea which is safe, non-toxic, versatile, attractive and educational all in one!
Being a mum myself and conducting research on infant-toddler development in my doctoral studies, I know how important it is to create a safe environment and place where your baby and kids can thrive in all areas of physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development. We parents want to give our children the best head start in life and safety cannot be compromised.
I started my own baby off using the ABC foam puzzle mats but switched quickly to non toxic mats from LG because of the strong toxic smell. Thank goodness for that as France and Belgium have recently reported banning these puzzle mats because they have been found to contain cancer causing toxic substances like formaldehyde.
My baby son slept on his non toxic mat, crawled, played and learnt to walk on it. Later, when he moved to a toddler bed, we placed the mats beside him to cushion any fall. At almost 5 years old, he is still using the same mat we bought when he was a newborn. The mats have served us well these past years and even the adults in our house nap on them because they are so comfortable and cool.
I encourage you to try out the Dwinguler mats for yourself and you will love it. They are great as baby shower gifts too.
Take care and enjoy your kids while they are young...happy parenting!
From one parent to another,
Dr Cynthia Lim
Phd (Early Childhood Education - Infant toddler development)

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