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The Dwinguler mat
First and only one of its kind, the Dwinguler (also known as LG Hausys or LG Prime in Korea) non-toxic playmat is very well received by mums and dads all over the world. It's easy to see why:
  • The Dwinguler¬†is manufactured under rigourous standards from the best quality materials in Korea, having originated as a product from the famous LG Chem group.
  • The Dwinguler has received certification from the Societe Generate de Surveilence in Geneva to be free of toxic substance including formaldehyde and phthalates. It has also passed the stringent EN71 European Toy Safety Standards.
  • The Dwinguler provides soft comfortable cushioning for babies to crawl, learn to walk and sleep on yet its surface is non-slip, durable and strong.
  • The Dwinguler is easy to maintain, just a wipe of water and if required, mild soap would do the job for spills of food and liquids.
  • The Dwinguler provides a good learning space for your child's cognitive and literacy development as it contains colourful and attractive pictures, animals, labelling words, the alphabet and even Chinese characters!
  • The Dwinguler can be used on the floor for the living room, bed room, playroom, kindergarten and preschool centres for ages 0 to 100.
  • Dwinguler mat is the only mat that comes with a user booklet guide that contains a warranty for the mat.

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Retail Price
Dwinguler Large $329
Dwinguler Medium $229
Dwinguler Small (15mm thickness) $149

The Comflor mat
While the Dwinguler mat is a world-class premium quality mat, the Dwinguler factory also produces the Comflor and Comflor Prime mat (also known as Parklon in Korea), available in Singapore.

The Comflor mat provides a non-toxic and safe cushioned space for baby and the whole family. It is BPA-free, water-proof and comes with vibrant coloured designs with educational themes. It is has less layers of compressed cushioning than Dwinguler hence it can be folded into a square box for storage unlike Dwinguler mat which has to be rolled up to store.

The surface of the Comflor mat has a square shaped non-slip embossed pattern. The Comflor play mat protects young children from injuries due to falls on hard floor surfaces and is an essential item in every home.

Comflor Dimensions*:
Large: 2100 x 1400 mm (15 / 13 mm) Retail price $239/209
Medium: 1850 x 1250 mm ( 11 mm) Retail price $159
Small: 1400x1400mm (11mm) Retail price $115
*+/- 3% variance in size

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Getting started: Each mat comes folded in a carton box. When removing the playmat from the packaging for the first time, simply unfold or unroll on the floor and wipe the surface with a moist clean towel before first use. Let the new playmat air for a few hours, any fold lines, creases or packaging smell will dissipate within a few days.

Caring for the mat: Dwinguler and Comflor playmats are designed for ultimate comfort and ease of use. To clean the mat on a regular basis, simply wipe the surface with a moist cloth or towel. Use a few drops of baby shampoo in a basin of water to wet the cloth before wiping the mat, if detergent is needed.

Avoid using vacuum cleaners on the mat as this may scratch the surface. Do not use floor detergent to mop over the mat. Avoid direct heating elements on the mat or sunning the mat outdoors. Do not place furniture or appliances on the surface of the mat for extended period as this may cause permanent compressions.

Please note some pens and markers may leave permament stains on the mat. Store the mat in the original packaging box flat on the ground when not in use.


Farm Friends (1900 x 1300 x 12 mm)

Little Friends (1900 x 1300 x 12 mm)

Contemporary (1900 x 1300 x 12 mm)


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